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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Latest News

Monthly Funding February 2021 - By Leicestershire County Council

Although the information includes grants/funding opportunities for Voluntary & Community Sector Groups and Organisations, Charities and Social Enterprises, we have also included details of grants/funding programmes, which Local Authorities may also be eligible to apply for. Accessed via the Leicestershire Communities website and we will be aiming to re-continue to circulate a similar e-bulletin on […]
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“Just as we move into the Full Lockdown 2.0 I wanted to say a massive thank you and well done for all you are doing. I know you are doing an incredible job and am fully aware that some have not really been out of lockdown since March.
I do greatly fear for the poorest in our communities at this time and know the work you are all doing, and groups like you across the country, is so key.
Thank you for the passion, for the resilience and for your simple, brilliant ‘bloody mindedness’ that means many of those struggling across Leicester & Leicestershire are getting supported. Thank you for being strategic in your thinking and for looking at the long term, thank you for keeping the communities you work with at the heart of your decisions and for looking long term.
It is a privilege to be able to hear what you are up to and hopefully share some of your stories with those who need to hear.”

Quote from Louise Jarvis (CSJ) Centre for Social Justice, attending our CEO leaders meetings.

Welcome to Reaching People
The Reaching People consortium model
Reaching People works in areas including housing, health and social care, and drug & alcohol services. We have an innovative consortium framework that links member organisations in a practical, dynamic and creative association.

Our model brings specific benefits to funders and to clients:

  • It achieves more with less, thanks to the efficiencies from shared services, joint working, duplication reduction and the maximising of scarce resources.
  • It creates opportunities and changes lives in fundamental and long-lasting ways, thanks to the flexibility of response, co-ordination and continuity of services across organisations.

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