Our Aspiring Leaders programme (formally known as Community Champions) is part of our Leading in Leicester and Leicestershire and Reaching People project. 
This programme is for those who are passionate about their cause and enjoy getting involved in helping individuals and local organisations change things for the better. A person who steps up without hesitation when the community needs help and who has the potential to flourish and have even greater impact with some support, guidance and training. 
It is designed to help you grow your confidence in dealing with people through understanding your leadership behaviours, empower you through self-awareness and help you build your ability to make a difference in your community or organisation. You will discover various models for understanding your environment and how to deliver change in an effective manner. All this starts with understanding that leadership is within us all and with the right guidance we can grow as individuals and community leaders. 
This programme is focused on: 
Exploring models and influences of leadership 
Developing more structured inputs and discussions 
Strengthening purpose, values, culture and impact 
Start date: New dates to be announced 
Eligibility: Senior Manager or Director within VCSE in Leicestershire 
Duration: 6 monthly sessions 
Cost: Free 

Trainer -  Anne Benson 

Anne Benson

Monthly Sessions 

Our sessions will run a monthly basis with a total of 6 sessions. This is a great opportunity to meet others and expand your network whilst reflecting on your own leadership style and impact as a team and individual. 
Session One 
Your Impact and Leadership Style 
Exploring personal models and influences of leadership. 
Identifying styles of leadership. 
Session Two 
Exploring Vision and Purpose 
Connection with the visions and purpose personally and across the organisation. 
Aligning vision and action personally and across the organisation. 
Understanding boundaries, authority, role and task. 
Session Three 
Exploring Organisational Culture 
What do we mean by culture? 
Building and supporting organisational culture. 
How to build or change organisational culture. 
Support with individual and collective wellbeing and resilience. 
Session Four 
How You Influence and Have an Impact 
What does it mean to influence with impact? 
Engagement with volunteers and others within the organisation. 
External organisation representation. 
Session Five 
Making Real Partnerships and Collaboration 
Exploring internal dynamics that influence behaviour. 
Building trust and developing strategy. 
Decision-making and working with others. 
Working with the CEO, Trustees and individuals across the organisation. 
Session Six 
Being Comfortable with Uncertainty and Change 
Working in complex systems. 
Endings, transitions, and new beginnings. 
Developing negative capability. 
*Please be aware that as this is a course provided free of charge, we do expect you to be able to make all sessions. Failure to do so may result in a fine. As part of this course, we also ask that 3 evaluations be filled out at different parts of this course. These are the only 2 requirements of this course and we hope that you are able to accept them. 

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For more information please get in touch with Leadership at Reaching People 

For more information please get in touch with Leadership at Reaching People 

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