Community Interest and Not For Profit Organisational Leaders’ Programme 2024 

CIC leaders are passionate individuals who are driven to make a positive impact withing their community. This programme is for those who are running or have recently set up a community interest or not for profit company and want to learn with and from peers how to build a thriving sustainable and impactful business. 
Developing further your Leadership Style and Behaviours for greater impact. 
Gain greater clarity and establish stronger strategic intent for your CIC. 
Understand how to inspire, support and drive performance in others. 
Examine how your CIC could be stronger more sustainable and deliver more impact. 
Venue: Business Box, 3 Oswin Road, Braunstone, Leicester, LE3 1HR 

Trainer -  Jacqui Purnell 

Jacqui Purnell
And invited Speakers 

Session Breakdown 

Session One 
31 January - 1-3pm 
Leadership vs Management and the importance of having and providing clarity of direction 
Get to know each other / How work together etc 
Understanding the difference between good management behaviours and the essential behaviours of leadership in a community setting. 
Explore why Clarity of Direction is so important and why as leaders we need to have and provide it. 
Session Two 
7th February - 1-3pm 
Key Leadership Behaviours and developing self- awareness 
Review a Leadership framework of behaviours to support your organisation and start to understand the impact of effective leadership, your strengths and development areas. 
Explore Self Awareness, Wellbeing and the importance of building resilience in yourself and others. 
Session Three 
14th February - 1-3pm 
Enabling, Inspiring and Supporting others 
Explore your presence as a leader. 
Understand impact of poor trust, how to analyse and build trust levels in your organisation. 
Examine the factors that motivate others 
Practice using a simple structure for ensuring clear concise and effective feedback discussions. 
Session Four 
21st February - 1-3pm 
Communication Styles and developing strong Partnerships 
Explore your own and the benefit of understanding the communication style of others for greater connection and impact. 
Examine the role leadership behaviours play in developing relationships and the value for your CIC of proactive Stakeholder Management 
Session Five 
28th February - 1-3pm 
Developing your CIC Strategic Intent and Unifying Purpose 
Identify your organisational WHY and how you are using it to engage and create a unifying purpose for your organisation. How sharing control empowers others and builds unifying purpose 
Explore how applying SWOT analysis to your CIC can help mitigate risks, identify problems and opportunities, and help you make choices and plan for the future. 
Session Six 
6th March - 1-3pm 
(External presenter) 
Sustainability – Governance; 
funding and financial management. 
Define the governance of your organisation, understand the significance of Director relationships and the legalities around being a CIC. The importance of budget management, bottom-up costing and cashflow in developing a sustainable business. 
Understanding restricted and unrestricted funding and impact on your P&L 
Developing a planning cycle for your CIC 
Session Seven 
13th March - 1-3pm 
Data and Impact 
The importance of data collection, client stories and demonstrating impact 
Group working on putting together a business case for funding for your CIC 

For more information please get in touch with Leadership at Reaching People 

For more information please get in touch with Leadership at Reaching People 

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