We work alongside independent trainers and partnership organisations to help deliver our programmes. 
Our trainers are experienced and independent trainers that have teamed up with Reaching People and the Leadership team to help deliver our training. We believe in investing in the resources around us and therefore like to involve local people in delivering local training. Our way of working also falls in line with the findings of our research and feel this is a great way of bringing people together and building strong partnerships in and across our communities. 
Jacqui Purnell Aspiring Leaders | Trainer

Jacqui Purnell Aspiring Leaders | Trainer 

Jacqui is a Resilient Leadership development and team effectiveness coach and consultant. She has spent more than 30 years in the Pharma sector, leading business units and multifunctional teams in UK, EU and Canada. In 2018, her work took on a new direction as she set up her own business supporting individuals and teams to build their leadership capability. Having spent many years in a commercial environment, she brings an experience-based approach to her work. Jacqui provides strategic planning support, resilient leadership coaching and training, and organisational interventions aimed at driving personal growth and improving personal and group performance. She knows how great it feels to create and be part of an empowered and high performing organisation and herpassion is supporting business leaders to achieve this with their teams. 
Jacqui is an accredited Resilient Leaders consultant and coach and deliver bespoke and off the shelf programmes independently as well as part of the Resilient Leaders Community of practitioners (www.resilientleaderselements.com). Her toolkit consists of tried and tested practical tools that can be immediately applied to achieve positive change. She works across all sectors and her recent clients include: Managers, project leads and community champions from across the local VCSE sector; managers and project leads at Community Advice and Law service; senior leaders and executive team for MEGIN UK Ltd.,/OY; DMU, early career researchers and research group leads from Kings & Imperial Universities. In her spare time Jacqui is a working Director at ADHD Solutions CIC., a Trustee for Women’s Aid Leicestershire and a passionate Soroptimist. 
Anne Benson Trustees Programme | Trainer

Anne Benson Trustees Programme | Trainer 

Anne is an organisational, team and leadership development consultant, accredited coach, and clinician with over 30 years’ experience of working in and with organisations. She began her career as a nurse which established her interest in physical and mental wellbeing and her curiosity about dynamics in the workplace. Through her work at the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations and The Kings Fund she has established a wealth of experience in working alongside people, teams and organisations. She works to create spaces where people can think, explore, challenge themselves and others. She is skilled in working with the processes that go on beneath the surface in organisations that can sometimes derail the best of intentions. Personally, and politically, she is drawn towards work that promotes social justice and reduces inequalities amongst people. She has worked nationally and internationally, she has extensive experience with the health and care sector and with the VSCE sector. 
Alongside her consultancy and development work she has a practice as a Cognitive Analytic Psychotherapist. 
Deana Wildgoose Community Connectors | Trainer

Deana Wildgoose Community Connectors | Trainer 

Deana has 25 years of experience working in charities to act as a connector and catalyst to get things done. With her fellow directors at TH!NK FC, she shares tools to help with thinking which are shareable and accessible along with other useful resources. She is also an associate of C.A.N (Co-operatives Assistance Network) for planning takeovers of buildings and spaces for the community to use and generate local community wealth. 
As part of Coalville CAN, she acts as the Navigator, working to connect local people and partners to create something bigger than its parts. She helps to connect and mobilise a local crew and to make a positive difference in the Coalville & Ashby area. 
Ian Wilson Community Connectors | Trainer

Ian Wilson Community Connectors | Trainer 

Ian is an experienced co-operator and manger in a range of organisations. Having worked in operations, a regulatory environment, logistics and project management as well as alongside others in co-operatives and community enterprises, Ian brings a wealth of experience, practical skills, and know how. 
He supports organisations and groups to have a greater impact by improving the way they work, thinking through their strategy and way of working. He does this through his work with Coalville CAN (a community co-operative and citizen led regeneration and wellbeing CBS), CASE (a co-operative and social enterprise development agency) and TH!NK FC (an accessible thinking tools and community ownership organisation). 
Gaynor Quilter Mentoring and Coaching Workshops | Trainer

Gaynor Quilter Mentoring and Coaching Workshops | Trainer 

Gaynor has 35 years of working in a range of national and local health and social care organisations, principally in homelessness, learning difficulties and mental health. She has a keen interest in well-being and building resilience, self awareness and the reflective practices of staff across the organisation utilising mindfulness and compassion. 
She enjoys working with people on a deeper level, so that they have the skills, psychological safety and confidence to move beyond – the necessary rational evidence based approach – by integrating heart based response, as well as wider appreciation of the importance of intuition in their interactions with themselves and others. 
The ability to be all of themselves improves individual and organisational performance and delivers greater impact. 

For more information please get in touch with Leadership at Reaching People 

For more information please get in touch with Leadership at Reaching People 

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