Tel: 0116 255 2071

Our Members

Action Deafness 2015

Action Deafness

Current delivery:

Main Contact: Craig Crowley
Chief Executive
Tel: 0844 593 8440 x 204

Established: 1897
Staff Numbers: 66
Volunteers: 10

Action Deafness AD is a deaf-led charitable company where 75% governance, 60% management and 75% front-line staff are all deaf and/or hard of hearing.

AD provides range of high quality and value for money services to over 6,000 Deaf, Hard-of-Hearing, Deafened and Deafblind people throughout Leicester/shire, East Midlands and the UK.

Our contracted divisional business solutions services & projects include:

• Communications (British Sign Language (BSL), lip-speaking & remote captioning interpreting service)

• Red Dot Connect (video online Sign Language interpreting service)

• Community (community & personal care support & charitable activities in Leicester/shire and the Midlands)

• YOUchoose (consortium partner in community & personal care support services in the UK)

• Knowledge (BSL & deaf awareness training packages/courses)

• Tech (technology & referral equipment service)

• Access (work-based audit & assessment service)

Action Deafness is a Full member of Reaching People. Renewed 2017


Action Homeless

Current delivery:Delivering on Moneywise Plus

Main Contact: Mark Grant
Chief Executive
Main Contact Tel: 0116 2211852

Established: 1973
Staff Numbers: 45
Volunteers: 20

Action Homeless is a local charity supporting individuals and families who are experiencing homelessness in Leicester and Leicestershire. We provide a range of accommodation including a specialist project for women and children who have had to flee their homes. In addition we provide an extensive support programme which offers access to tenancy training, volunteering opportunities, harm reduction services, money management advice, confidence building activities and health and wellbeing sessions.

Our aim is to enable people to rebuild their lives and leave homelessness behind for good. Action Homeless leads the Homeless Leicester Partnership (HeLP) in coordinating a ‘no second night out’ response to rough sleeping in Leicester and we are committed to bringing an end to rough sleeping in Leicester.

Action Homeless delivers the Building Blocks Project supporting Children who are experiencing, or have experienced Homelessness.

Action Homeless also mages the Emergency Food Provision for Leicester City Council as part of their Community Support Grant Scheme (CSGS).

Action Homeless is a member of Reaching People. Renewed 2018



Current delivery:Delivery on Moneywise Plus

Main Contact: Angie Wright

Tel: 0116 2795007

Established: 2000
Staff Numbers: 30
Volunteers: 70

b-inspired exists to provide help and support to the residents of Braunstone in Leicester and continue a legacy of regeneration and improvement.

We deliver quality services to all sectors of our community including; individuals, groups and businesses. We support people through often difficult transitions by providing accredited guidance, training and advice in to work, business or personal development and achievements.

Our services change and adapt to meet the needs of our customers and provide social value pathways.

b-inspired is a member of Reaching People. Renewed 2018


Bridge, The

Current delivery:Delivery on Moneywise Plus

Main Contact: Peter Davey
Chief Officer
Tel: 01509 260500

Established: 1993
Staff Numbers: 23
Volunteers: 7

The Bridge is a registered charity which has built an enviable reputation for its high quality services for homeless and vulnerably housed people in the Borough of Charnwood, Leicestershire and Rutland. Our Mission Statement is “To develop sustainable housing solutions for individuals and communities through partnership, empowerment and good practice”. We have been operating successfully since 1993 and continually strive to develop and improve our services to the community.

Main provisions:

• Specialist Housing advice – The Housing Advice Service provides housing law advice, assistance and advocacy on all housing and homelessness related matters
• Housing Related Support – Housing Related Support is a service which assists previously homeless and /or vulnerable people to live independently in their own accommodation.
• Mediation (Talk2Sort) – The talk²sort mediation service works with young people aged 11-19 and their families who may be having problems at home or with their relationships
• Single Access Point – The Single Access Point is a specialist homelessness prevention service which works with 16 and 17 year old young people who are having difficulties where they are living or are homeless.

The Bridge is a member of Reaching People. Renewed 2018

the bridge – homelessness to hope

The Bridge – Homelessness to Hope

Current delivery:

Main Contact: Keith Lawson-West


Established: 2009
Staff Numbers: 2.5
Volunteers: between 35-45

The Bridge – Homeless to Hope provide food, warmth, shelter and companionship to homeless and vulnerably housed people in Leicester.

We are located at 43 Melton Street, Leicester. Leicester has 22% of the population living in income deprived households and we are based in a very deprived area of the City. Our clients are amongst the most marginalised people in the City and often have complex multiple problems in addition to or as a direct of homelessness. Some will have been excluded from mainstream services or do not access them because they feel stigmatised.

We began our mission to the disadvantaged in 2009 when a group of local Christians started providing an outreach ‘Soup Run’ service to homeless people in Leicester. Today our volunteers come from many backgrounds and faiths; we accept those from all faiths and none. We all have a common goal­ to help those who are on the street to move from despair to hope. Since 2009, we have grown to now deliver various specialist services ourselves, alongside an expanded hot food service.

As we have so many volunteers, we are able to offer a ‘front line’ service at a minimal cost as well as providing opportunities for our volunteers to gain experience.

The Bridge – Homelessness to Hope is an Associate member of Reaching People. Renewed 2017


CASE (Co-operative and Social Enterprise)

Current delivery:

Main Contact: Dorothy Francis

Tel: 0116 2225010

Established: 1982
Staff Numbers: 3

CASE is a social enterprise that promotes community activity to solve challenges within local communities. We have operated in Leicestershire for 33 years providing advice, support, training and evaluation to local enterprises and communities to assist them to plan, manage and review their organisations. CASE offers a trusted, transparent and respected service and our highly qualified team offers over 90 combined years’ experience of social enterprise, access to a bank of qualified and experienced associate consultants and in-depth knowledge of community development.

CASE provides initial and ongoing advice for social enterprises as well as training, counselling and finance sourcing. CASE specialises in tailoring legal structures to ensure best fit for organisations and has won national recognition for our work in developing specialist legal structures for social enterprises. Development staff hold awards from SFEDI (Small Firms Enterprise Development Initiative) and the ILM Social Enterprise qualifications.

CASE has over 160 social enterprises in our portfolio and provides ongoing support to enterprises including business health checks and developmental advice.

CASE has been the lead partner in two large ERDF projects and CASE has carried out a large range of contracts for organisations and funders, including local authorities, SRB, ESF, SEEM, EQUAL, NDC, Business Link and Neighbourhood Renewal. The agency consistently exceeds contract targets and is proud to deliver a quality, informed and community based service.

CASE is a member of Reaching People. Renewed 2018

Centre Project

Centre Project, The

Current delivery:

Main Contact: Eric Waweru
Tel: 0116 2554013

Established: 1996
Staff Numbers: 5
Volunteers: 10

The Centre Project is a local charity with over 20 years’ experience of working with single, vulnerable and socially isolated people; providing access to a safe social space, support and activities that aim to reduce isolation and promote emotional, physical, mental and spiritual well being.

We offer:

• A warm and friendly day drop-in centre for social interaction and activities on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons.
•Affordable ‘home cooked’ meal and refreshments
•Befriending, emotional support, pastoral care
•Practical support, sign posting and advocacy
•Preparation for employment through our CAP Job Club
•Parish Nursing: whole person health care – overall well-being, incorporating body, mind and spirit
•Counselling – personal cantered counselling and support
•Freedom Youth Club- targeted at unaccompanied asylum seeking young people (13-19 years old)
•Community opportunities for disabled adults

Our services can be accessed via self-referral, or an agency referral.

The Centre Project is a member of Reaching People. New 2018


Citizens Advice LeicesterShire

Current delivery:

Main Contact: Richard Evans/Tim Smith
Tel: 0116 326 0408

Established: 2010
Staff Numbers: c42
Volunteers: c200

Citizens Advice LeicesterShire offers information and advice on a wide range of topics including debt, benefits, housing, legal, discrimination, employment, immigration and consumer.

Our advice is available to everyone regardless of race, gender, sexuality, age, nationality, disability or religion.

Services are available throughout the City and across the County and are accessible through a variety of means including face to face, telephone and online/email.

We provide information and advice to empower service users to make informed decisions about their rights and responsibilities. We seek to work with the statutory, business and voluntary sectors to have a positive impact on the community we serve. We aim to work strategically as well as operationally with the same groups.

Our advice is free at the point of delivery, independent, confidential and impartial.

We value diversity, promote equality and challenge discrimination. We also seek to improve the policies and practices that affect people’s lives by informing and challenging those in authority.

Citizens Advice LeicesterShire is a Full member of Reaching People. Renewed 2017


Community Advice & Law Service

Current delivery:Delivering on Moneywise Plus

Main Contact: Kathryn Burgess
Executive Director
Tel: 0116 2421120

Established: 1980
Staff Numbers: 24
Volunteers: 2

CALS provides free, confidential and independent advice to people who are experiencing problems with debt, housing and/or welfare benefit matters. CALS is able to advise, negotiate and advocate for clients and represent in the county court if required. We employ a range of Specialist Advisers and Solicitors to conduct our work.

Our services are available for people living in Leicester and Leicestershire. We are based at Epic House, Charles Street Leicester, have an office at Leicester County Court and operate from a number of outreach venues across Leicester.

The Community Advice and Law Service has been providing advice and support for over 30 years. The service was established in 1980 as part of Leicester Charity Link and became an independent organisation in 2000, changing its name in 2011.

Our advice services are delivered face-to-face, by telephone or via video links. We provide self-help materials and fact sheets where appropriate; representation at the county court; see people at drop-in sessions at our outreach venues and at our court office, by appointment at our main office or at our outreach venues and we can provide home or hospital visits if required.

CALS has 22 members of staff. We have a small number of volunteers who support our admin team and advisers, and who provide the form-filling service. We have LPC Students on placement from De Montfort University between October and May, who work closely with the advisers.

We can be contacted by telephone, by calling in person at our main office or via our website. CALS is an independent advice agency and is a member of Advice UK.

CALS is a member of Reaching People. Renewed 2018


Community Health and Learning Foundation

Current delivery:

Main Contact: Mandy Wardle-McLeish

Tel: 0772 5087186

Established: April 2012
Staff Numbers: 6

At the Community Health and Learning Foundation we campaign to raise awareness of health literacy and increase health literacy levels, particularly of individuals within the most disadvantaged communities, to improve their health, wellbeing and quality of life. We do this through:

• our unique integrated health and learning programme, Skilled for Health, which has been designed to support those with the poorest health and learning outcomes. We provide training to practitioners within the health, learning, voluntary and private sectors to help them better understand the health and learning needs of their clients and how to embed SfH into their everyday practice.
• delivering the programme ourselves directly to the clients of those organisations who commission us to do so. We target people living in some of the most deprived areas of England, many who have not completed formal education, have low literacy levels and do not respond well to traditional classroom-based learning. This programme has been designed with those people particularly in mind and all the experience and accumulated knowledge of how best to deliver it to them, resides within the CHLF.
• providing training to front line practitioners to raise awareness of health literacy and the impact that low level skills and health literacy needs has on the people they either work with or provide information to. We also provide people attending the training with the tools they will need to simplify the information they provide to their clients.
• working with health information organisations such as Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust, Breast Cancer UK and Sanofi, testing out information through focus groups and feeding back the results in order to help them simplify their information and make it understandable to a greater number of people.

CHLF is a member of Reaching People. Renewed 2017

E2 Use this one (cropped) (002)


Current delivery:Delivering on Moneywise Plus

Main Contact: Martin Buchanan
Tel: 0116 2128491

Established: 2005
Staff Numbers: 5 plus 5 sessional
Volunteers: 20

E2 was created in 2005 as Cooke e-Learning Foundation to help disadvantaged communities in Leicester to overcome some of their barriers to digital inclusion. Now trading as E2/e2online, our services include informal and formal community education, work with young people, research and community development as well as our computer sales, repairs and recycling activities.

Since 2005 we have delivered over 10,000 training sessions and can offer accredited learning for young people and adults.

E2 is a member of Reaching People. Renewed 2018


Emerald Centre, The

Current delivery:

Main Contact: Tony Cusack
Centre Manager
Tel: 0116 2769186

Established: 2007
Staff Numbers: 3
Volunteers: 5

The Emerald Centre deliver a wide range of services at our centre and also provide outreach services to vulnerable groups eg. elderly, senior citizen’s and young people (including young parents).Our offer includes:

• Educational programmes and workshops to young and senior groups.

• Sports and recreational facilities to local people and the wider community.

• We also run projects with disabled clients as well as a befriending scheme to vulnerable elders in the community.

The Emerald Centre is a Full member of Reaching People. Renewed 2017

equality-action-logo (002)

Equality Action Ltd

Current delivery:

Main Contact: Varsha Parmar

Tel: 01509 261651

Established: 1969
Staff Numbers: 3
Volunteers: 1

Equality Action Ltd(formerly HREC) activities include:

• Encouragement of equality and diversity, and involving local people in our work is paramount to us.

• Acting as a focal point and source of expertise on matters of equality and diversity for individuals, groups, communities and organisations; drawing upon the experience and knowledge of our staff, trustees, volunteers and partners. This includes active contribution to civic life through various policy and partnership groups, project development and delivery, specialist local knowledge, casework and co-ordination of events to improve community cohesion.

• Providing advice and information on welfare benefits, housing, debt, money management, adult social care, PAYE, tax credits and immigration to people from BME and hard to reach communities. We are able to help people who face barriers such as language, lack of IT skills, and lack of confidence to help access services and address issues facing their families.

• Running projects that support our aims and contribute to Charnwood Borough Council’s (CBC) community needs criteria – e.g. a current Big Lottery Funded project working with South Asian Women, encouraging/engaging with women’s groups and individual women to build their knowledge, confidence and skills to play a fuller role in society

• Delivering annual training events funded by the British Council (Erasmus Plus) engaging with approx. 25 young people on issues of equality and human rights.

We have secured another 5 year Big Lottery Funded project working with men from South Asian background to deliver outcomes around improving health & wellbeing and addressing other issues facing them, incl. employment needs and building community resilience around extremism and radicalisation.

We are a strategic partner of CBC and past strategic grants have enabled us to expand our services through significant projects that contribute to Charnwood Borough Council’s community needs criteria and society’s social values.

Equality Action Ltd is a member of Reaching People. Renewed 2018

giving world

Giving World

Current delivery:

Main Contact: Sujata Sabharwal

Tel: 0116 2513941

Established: 2001
Staff Numbers: 8

Giving World is a small national charity based in Leicester, dedicated to fighting poverty and protecting the environment with one simple idea: saving brand new, unopened business surplus from landfill and distributing it to those in our communities that need it the most.

We work through a network of bona fide charities and community groups. Our free* service allows organisations to redirect surplus goods into the lives of vulnerable and isolated people.

It is impossible to overstate the impact the goods have on our beneficiaries. We have powerful stories to tell of making low incomes stretch; preventing debt and high risk loans by providing household essentials like nappies and cleaning products; preventing social isolation by providing new clothes and shampoo and by simply being there right at the time of crisis.

*The only thing that the recipient charities have to pay is transport/postal costs.

Giving World is a member of Reaching People. Renewed 2018

Healthy Working Futures

Healthy Working Futures

Current delivery:

Main Contact: Simon Calvert

Tel: 0116 3121200

Established: 2001
Staff Numbers: 8

Healthy Working Futures delivers a number of services funded locally, nationally, or directly by organisations for individuals who are employed or unemployed to overcome health, social and personal barriers and remain in or enter work. Acknowledged nationally, our expertise now stretches into supporting clients with a variety of complex health conditions. We have a track record of delivering end to end and specialist support services to clients with multiple barriers to work to enable them to move into sustainable employment. To date 63% of those completing their journey with Healthy Working Futures ‘Bridging the Gap Service’ successfully moved into either voluntary work, training, or paid employment.

When you feel ready, our careers advice and skills training will give you the confidence you need to find the role that’s right for you.

We can offer you:

• A Case Manager

• One-to-one support

• In-house health expertise

• Careers advice and in-role support

• Complete confidentiality

Healthy Working Futures is a member of Reaching People. Renewed 2018


Home-Start H

Current delivery:Delivery on Moneywise Plus

Main Contacts: Stuart Sullivan, CEO
Elaine Macmanard, Manager

Tel: 0116 2795062

Established: 2016
Staff Numbers: 6.6
Volunteers: 69

Home-Start Horizons offers a unique service, recruiting and training volunteers – who are usually parents themselves – to visit families at home who have at least one child under 5 to offer informal, friendly and confidential support.

To help give children the best possible start in life, Home-Start Horizons supports parents as they grow in confidence, strengthen their relationships with their children and widen their links with the local community.

Our volunteers offer emotional support and practical help to parents who are struggling with issues such as relationship break up, mental health and depression, domestic violence, disabilities of either children or parents and social isolation.

We also run family groups in the city where we work with families to increase confidence, helping with school readiness for children and run sessions on healthy eating.

Registered charity number:1108455

Company registration number: 5352252

Home-Start Horizons is a member of Reaching People. Renewed 2018

LAMP Logo 2017

Main Contact: Sue Langley, CEO

Tel: 0116 2556286

Established: 1989
Staff Numbers: 14
Volunteers: 20-30

Leicestershire Action for Mental Health Project (LAMP) is a Charity/Not for profit organisation that provides Independent Mental Health Advocacy for inpatients, carers and members of the community who suffer with mental health issues, are not fully aware of their rights and find it difficult to communicate their needs.

Our service is available throughout the county of Leicestershire.

LAMP is a Full member of Reaching People. New 2017


LASS Social Enterprise Ltd – t/a “Well for Living”

Current delivery:

Main Contact: Alastair Hudson
LASS and Well for Living
Tel: 0116 2559995

Mobile: 07956 456226

Established: 1987
Staff Numbers: 18
Volunteers: 83

Well for Living:
Established: 2010
Staff Numbers: 12
Volunteers: 20

Well for Living is a Social Enterprise based in Leicester but trading throughout the UK.
The purpose of the company is to provide support in health or health sector related products and services for individuals and community groups. It is asset locked to its parent charity, LASS (Leicestershire Aids Support Services) – responding to the challenges of HIV.

Main provisions:

• Health and wellbeing support to individuals and communities

• Advice, support, information and advocacy on health equalities and long-term conditions, through training, awareness raising, management solutions, practical support, empowerment models and other solution focussed approaches.

LASS/Well for Living is a Full member of Reaching People. Renewed 2017

leicester college

Leicester College

Current delivery:Delivery on Moneywise Plus

Main Contact: Ian Lewis

Tel: 0116 2487394

Established: 1989
Staff Numbers: 1016
Volunteers: 54

Leicester College is a local, award winning, voluntary sector social enterprise with over 25 years’ experience.

We provide vocational and non-vocational training including Skills for Life, employability skills, Apprenticeships and Workplace learning. We also meet the additional support needs of learners. Our continuing studies provision provides a holistic package of support for learners with learning difficulties and/or disabilities.

We are a National Careers Service subcontractor and offer impartial careers advice at our three main campuses and our outreach centres as appropriate. Leicester College has staff who are also qualified to undertake comprehensive Initial Advice and Guidance (IAG) prior to a client starting a training programme.

As well as training provision, the College offers a range of support including:
• Mentoring
• Job Club access to search and prepare for employment
• Childcare services
• Specialist learning support
• Higher Education advice guidance and support

We have excellent links with JCP and we provide a range of job search and training support to their clients. This relationship is crucial as we understand the changes regarding Universal Credit.

In a nutshell, Leicester College can handle a referral, provide IAG, engage an individual throughout training provision, offer enrichment, provide job search support, coordinate work experience and then work with customers to secure sustainable employment or undertake further training.

Leicester College is a member of Reaching People. Renewed 2018

leicester lgbt

Leicester LGBT Centre

Current delivery:

Main Contact: Judy Fallon

Tel: 0116 2547412

Established: 1976
Staff Numbers: 6
Volunteers: 18

Leicester LGBT Centre

Leicester LGBT Centre recognises that lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people face many forms of discrimination and prejudice which can affect the opportunities to be involved, included and valued in society as equals. The Centre exists to provide safe, accessible and professional services, venue and support to combat social isolation, exclusion and discrimination that LGBT people face by promoting a positive environment that empowers those who are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender and educate those who are not.

We provide information in a range of formats on a wide variety of subjects that affect LGBT people’s lives including signposting and referrals to other agencies.

The Centre provides a number of services:

•Advice, guidance and support on LGBT issues
•Counselling – 15+ counsellors dealing with issues affecting the LGBT communities one to one, family and couple
•Training, consultancy and advocacy
•Room hire in the City Centre
•Resource library on LGBT topics
•Anti-hate Crime campaign city and countywide
•Space for LGBT Support and Social Groups
•Transgender Project for Young People (ages 0-18)
•LGBT History Museum for Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland
•First Out youth group (ages 13-18) and Misfits young LGBT group (ages 18-30)
•Tea with Dorothy – supporting older (ages 50+) LGBT people

Leicester LGBT Centre is a member of Reaching People. Renewed 2018


New Dawn New Day Ltd

Current delivery:

Main Contact: Sara Swire
Chief Executive


Tel: 03333 444 304

Established: September 1987
Staff Numbers: 7FTE
Volunteers: 21

New Dawn New Day works with women inspiring them to reach their potential and to overcome disadvantage and inequality in their lives and communities.
We achieve our mission by:
• Providing women who present with complex needs with the right support to enable them to make positive changes in their lives
• Providing specialist therapeutic services for women who have been affected by trauma and abuse.
• Providing specialist one-to-one and group interventions designed to reduce the risk of women’s offending
• Providing specialist one-to-one and group interventions designed to reduce the risk of women’s offending

• Providing counselling services to women and girls

All of our services are designed to be gender-responsive and trauma-informed.
Support includes:
• One to one social and emotional support)
• Therapeutic and psychoeducational group programmes
• Counselling and psychotherapy (including specialist counselling services for women affected by trauma)

New Dawn New Day is an Associate member of Reaching People

Renewed 2018

Delivery Projects

New Members In the Process of Joining

We are excited to have another organisation currently going through the application process.

More details for New Futures Project will appear alphabetically under this section shortly. We look forward to welcoming all new members to our consortium and to ever closer working relationships.

PA logo landscape RGB JPEG

PA Housing

Current delivery:Delivering on MoneyWise Plus

Main Contact: Suzanne Ralphson
Head of Programme Delivery
Tel: 0116 2576852

Established: 1973
Staff Numbers: 510

PA Housing provides housing and regeneration for people and communities across, the East and West Midlands, London and the South East. With over 40 years experience and more than 13,500 homes in management and development, we promise to continually deliver high quality services, regeneration expertise and equality of opportunity for all.

Main provisions in Leicester and Leicestershire:

• General needs housing provider

• Provider of over 400 Sheltered Housing units in Leicester, including a 72 home Extra Care Scheme

• Provision of specialist mental health services in Leicester

PA Housing is a member of Reaching People. Renewed 2018



Current delivery:Delivery on Moneywise Plus

Main Contact: Bob Christer
Tel: 0116 2516207

Established: 1998
Staff Numbers: 5.2
Sessional staff:12
Volunteers: 8

Pedestrian is a dynamic charity providing education and training to young people at risk and adults in challenging circumstances; individuals whom are often socially excluded and from disadvantaged backgrounds.

With the right levels of support and timely intervention everyone can achieve their goals. Our programmes and courses develop confidence, emotional resilience and increase self-esteem.We call this work’Pioneering Potential’.

Our strong track record of delivering the very best in innovative and high quality activity has seen us complete over 9,000 workshops since 1998.

Pedestrian is a Full member of Reaching People. Renewed 2017


Shama Womens Centre

Current delivery:

Main Contact: Khudeja Amer-Sharif

Tel: 0116 2514747

Established: 1983
Staff Numbers: 11
Volunteers: 22

Shama Women’s Centre has successfully providing culturally tailored services to empower women facing multiple disadvantages from some of the most deprived areas of Leicester to become ‘socially and, economically active for over 28 years.

Since 1983 we have supported 100,000 women, helping 50,000 overcome cultural barriers; 30,000 gain accredited qualifications of which 75% have secured work.

We are the only centre in the Highfield’s area of Leicester that provides a range of activities, including accredited qualifications, mentoring support and volunteering opportunities, bereavement and domestic abuse counselling, help into work, social, health and well- being programmes, sauna and gym in a women only environment. Recognised by external quality marks. Our multi-lingual staff and registered on site Ofsted nursery help women overcome barriers to participation.

Shama Womens Centre is a member of Reaching People. Renewed 2018

STARS logo


Current delivery:

Main Contact: Jevon Payne
Chief Executive
Tel: 07817 641238

Established: 2006
Staff Numbers: 2
Volunteers: 6

STARS provides communities, partners and funders with a range of programmes tackling diverse issues using sport as the ‘hook’ for engagement and the ‘tool’ for education.

Our programmes have been carefully designed to be captivating, enjoyable, motivational, and healthy allowing us to deliver meaningful outcomes across a range of cross-cutting themes.

STARS programmes include:

Wanna be a Sports Coach LDD

This programme is aimed at young people aged 13 – 24 years with mild LDD, including wounded ex-servicemen who have been injured whilst serving their country, that have a keen interest in sport and would like to become sports volunteers and coaches. Currently programmes running in Leicester, Coventry and Northumberland.

Evening and Holiday Activities at Youth Centres

We aim to engage young people in, or at risk of, becoming NEET (Not in Employment, Education or Training) in positive activities which can lead onto achieving recognised qualifications. Currently programmes running across Leicester City.

STARS is a Full member of Reaching People. Renewed 2017

Trade Large Logo

TRADE Sexual Health

Current delivery:

Main Contact: Veronica Gannon
Tel: 0116 2541747

Established: 2000
Staff Numbers: 4.3
Volunteers: 35

Trade Sexual Health is a health and sexual health charity, providing free, confidential health advice, information and support for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGB&T) communities of Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.

We offer a range of services including information and support on sexual health and HIV; one-to-one emotional and practical support; support around sexuality, gender, relationships and ‘coming out’; rapid HIV testing; community based sexual health clinics; safer-sex packs; social and support groups; outreach services, and a full counselling service.

We have always aimed to break down barriers to accessing health services, reduce isolation, stigma and discrimination, and encourage or enable LGB&T people from diverse backgrounds to share in the life of the whole community.

We believe that by providing a wide range of services, people are able to make more informed choices about their overall health and wellbeing.

TRADE Sexual Health is a member of Reaching People. Renewed 2018

Y Logo

Y, The

Current delivery:Delivery on Moneywise Plus

Main Contact: Joanna Fleetwood-Smith
Business Development Director
Tel: 0116 204 6202

Established: 1883
Staff Numbers: 75
Volunteers: 20

The Y delivers a range of community based services specifically targeted at young adults throughout Leicester and Leicestershire. In addition to this, The Y delivers youth and community work programmes including sports, education, children’s work and works with young offenders, young adults excluded from school, NEET YP and YP with complex needs.

Over the last seven years, The Y has received endorsements for commissioned studies on the ‘sexual exploitation of children and young adults’ and ‘housing related support needs of YP with complex needs’. The Y has a long history of working with the most challenging groups of Young Adults and works in partnership with a range of other service providers including the Youth Offending Service, CYPS, National Probation Service, DLNR CRC, Leicestershire Health and the Police to provide support, accommodation and education and address issues of anti-social behaviour.

The Y is currently in its final year of delivering a £1.1m Big Lottery Fund funded project called Y-POD which has worked to create a new model of supporting LAC and Young offenders. The project is delivered in partnership with LCC’s Looked After Children Team, the YOS and the LPT to provide a wraparound service for disengaged Young Adults.

The Y also provides 100% of supported housing for Young Adults within the city (85 bed spaces over four sites) three move on houses (8 bed spaces).

In 2015 The Y alongside partners in Derby and Derbyshire won a Fair Chance Fund contract to provide a’ Housing First’ project to young adults 18-24 (Ambitions East Midlands) providing accommodation, education, training and employment opportunities. This project is DCLG funded and is a payment by results programme with social financing from Big Issue Invest and Key Fund.

The organisation also has a 300 seat professional Victorian Theatre providing a range of music, comedy, drama and spoken word events, as well as range of Sports facilities.

The Y is a Full member of Reaching People. Renewed 2017

Zinthiya trust

Zinthiya Trust

Current delivery:

Main Contact: Zinthiya Ganeshpanchan

Website: www.
Tel: 0116 2545168

Established: 2009
Staff Numbers: 9
Volunteers: 20

Zinthiya Trust’s mission is to alleviate poverty and abuse in Leicester and Leicestershire. We have successfully delivered projects with hard to reach groups and those who find it hard to engage and have helped support people to transform their lives. The main groups of people we support are as follows:

• Victims of domestic violence/sexual abuse
• The homeless/those at risk of homelessness
• The sick/disabled
• Those experiencing mental health issues
• Suffering/recovering from addiction
• Serving prisoners, ex-offenders and those in contact with the criminal justice system
• People excluded from society
• Households in/at risk of fuel or food poverty
• The long term unemployed.

Zinthiya Trust is a member of Reaching People. 2018

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