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Theory of Change – Local Access Programme Event UPDATE

Read About – Leicester Limericks (With LAP)
Click below to see the RP Local Access Programme Bid Submission:


Following a very successful event for the opportunity to work together to shape the local voluntary, community and social enterprise sector for the future, please see the below attachments to show RP updates on this event including the logic model:-




About the event:- History (23/9/2019)
This event builds on discussions and events that have been held over the summer to share a vision for Leicester in 10 years time. We really do need a wide range of views on the proposed vision and the process for getting us there. Our time scales are limited because we are working on submitting a bid to bring in up to £6 million in social enterprise funding to help bring our vision to life.

This event was open to people in the voluntary sector, social and community enterprises, people who commission and use the sector and people who could work with us in any way.