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Utility Aid Limited

Main Contact: Utility Aid
Tel: 01603 567 357
Facebook: @ua_domoregood


Utility Aid are the largest energy broker for the not-for-profit sector in the UK.  Dedicated to ethical energy provision and working in a way that is fair for all.

How we can help?


Each year, Utility Aid help hundreds of charities and businesses to save money on their energy bills, starting with a no-obligation, free energy audit.

As well as the savings to be made, the audit gives added peace of mind. Ensuring that

your organisation is working as efficiently as possible.

Utility Aid has recovered over £2 million in overcharges in the past 4 years for our customers.


Our Expert Team will carefully analyse that;

  • VAT has been correctly calculated Climate Change Levy has been correctly calculated
  • Your bill has been correctly calculated
  • Your supplies are on the most appropriate tariffs
  • You are not being overestimated
  • You are in a suitable contract


Once the audit is complete, Utility Aid will provide a summary of any further recommendations.

Based on the findings, suggestions will be made for your organisation to consider.

We will make sure you are on the best rate and assist in reducing your carbon footprint; coming up with an energy strategy to help plan for your


Simply follow these three steps to see if we can save you thousands of pounds

Your Recent Bill

Find a copy of a recent electricity or gas bill – it contains all the information we need to begin your audit.

Your Current contract

Find a copy of your energy contract from your supplier.

At your service

If you don’t have it, not to worry, we can request any missing information on your behalf with a basic letter of authority.

Get in touch via;

Request a call back via

Call us on 0808 178 8170

Or send both the bill and the contract to us, along with your contact details to


Utility Aid is an Associate Member or Reaching People since 2020.