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Reaching People

Commitment to lasting change


Current delivery:

Main Contact: Jevon Payne – Chief Executive
Tel: 07817 641238

Established: 2006
Staff Numbers: 2
Volunteers: 6

STARS provides communities, partners and funders with a range of programmes tackling diverse issues using sport as the ‘hook’ for engagement and the ‘tool’ for education.

Our programmes have been carefully designed to be captivating, enjoyable, motivational, and healthy allowing us to deliver meaningful outcomes across a range of cross-cutting themes.

STARS programmes include:

  • Wanna be a Sports Coach LDD

This programme is aimed at young people aged 13 – 24 years with mild LDD, including wounded ex-servicemen who have been injured whilst serving their country, that have a keen interest in sport and would like to become sports volunteers and coaches. Currently programmes running in Leicester, Coventry and Northumberland.

Evening and Holiday Activities at Youth Centres

We aim to engage young people in, or at risk of, becoming NEET (Not in Employment, Education or Training) in positive activities which can lead onto achieving recognised qualifications. Currently programmes running across Leicester City.

STARS is a Full member of Reaching People. Renewed 2017