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Giving World

Current delivery:

Main Contact: Sujata Sabharwal

Tel: 0116 2513941

Established: 2001
Staff Numbers: 8

Giving World is a small national charity based in Leicester, dedicated to fighting poverty and protecting the environment with one simple idea: saving brand new, unopened business surplus from landfill and distributing it to those in our communities that need it the most.

We work through a network of bona fide charities and community groups. Our free* service allows organisations to redirect surplus goods into the lives of vulnerable and isolated people.

It is impossible to overstate the impact the goods have on our beneficiaries. We have powerful stories to tell of making low incomes stretch; preventing debt and high risk loans by providing household essentials like nappies and cleaning products; preventing social isolation by providing new clothes and shampoo and by simply being there right at the time of crisis.

*The only thing that the recipient charities have to pay is transport/postal costs.

Giving World is a member of Reaching People.