Charity № 1072595 Company № 3576786

Reaching People

Commitment to lasting change


Current delivery:Delivering on Moneywise Plus

Main Contact: Martin Buchanan
Tel: 0116 2128491

Established: 2005
Staff Numbers: 5 plus 5 sessional
Volunteers: 20

E2 was created in 2005 as Cooke e-Learning Foundation to help disadvantaged communities in Leicester to overcome some of their barriers to digital inclusion. Now trading as E2/e2online, our services include informal and formal community education, work with young people, research and community development as well as our computer sales, repairs and recycling activities.

Since 2005 we have delivered over 10,000 training sessions and can offer accredited learning for young people and adults.

E2 is a member of Reaching People. Renewed 2019