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Reaching People

Commitment to lasting change

Community Health and Learning Foundation

Current delivery:

Main Contact: Mandy Wardle-McLeish

Tel: 0772 5087186

Established: April 2012
Staff Numbers: 6

At the Community Health and Learning Foundation we campaign to raise awareness of health literacy and increase health literacy levels, particularly of individuals within the most disadvantaged communities, to improve their health, wellbeing and quality of life. We do this through:
• our unique integrated health and learning programme, Skilled for Health, which has been designed to support those with the poorest health and learning outcomes. We provide training to practitioners within the health, learning, voluntary and private sectors to help them better understand the health and learning needs of their clients and how to embed SfH into their everyday practice.
• delivering the programme ourselves directly to the clients of those organisations who commission us to do so. We target people living in some of the most deprived areas of England, many who have not completed formal education, have low literacy levels and do not respond well to traditional classroom-based learning. This programme has been designed with those people particularly in mind and all the experience and accumulated knowledge of how best to deliver it to them, resides within the CHLF.
• providing training to front line practitioners to raise awareness of health literacy and the impact that low level skills and health literacy needs has on the people they either work with or provide information to. We also provide people attending the training with the tools they will need to simplify the information they provide to their clients.
• working with health information organisations such as Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust, Breast Cancer UK and Sanofi, testing out information through focus groups and feeding back the results in order to help them simplify their information and make it understandable to a greater number of people.

CHLF is a member of Reaching People. Renewed 2017