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Action Deafness

Current delivery:
Main Contact: Craig Crowley – Chief Executive
Tel: 0844 593 8440 x204
Established: 1897
Staff Numbers: 66
Volunteers: 10

Action Deafness AD is a deaf-led charitable company where 75% governance, 60% management and 75% front-line staff are all deaf and/or hard of hearing.

AD provides range of high quality and value for money services to over 6,000 Deaf, Hard-of-Hearing, Deafened and Deafblind people throughout Leicester/shire, East Midlands and the UK.

Our contracted divisional business solutions services & projects include:

  • Communications (British Sign Language (BSL), lip-speaking & remote captioning interpreting service)
  • Red Dot Connect (video online Sign Language interpreting service)
  • Community (community & personal care support & charitable activities in Leicester/shire and the Midlands)
  • YOUchoose (consortium partner in community & personal care support services in the UK)
  • Knowledge (BSL & deaf awareness training packages/courses)
  • Tech (technology & referral equipment service)
  • Access (work-based audit & assessment service)

Action Deafness is a Full member of Reaching People. Renewed 2017