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Moneywise Plus

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Moneywise Plus is a project aimed at improving the ongoing digital and financial competence of people living within Leicester and Leicestershire, supporting them to move towards employment, job search, education or training.
The project is lead by Reaching People, a consortium of voluntary and third sector organisations in Leicester and Leicestershire.
Moneywise Plus builds on the success of our previous Moneywise programme.
Moneywise Plus started in October 2016 and will run until December 2019.
This project is being funded by the Big Lottery and European Social Fund.
For more information visit the Moneywise Plus website

When the Moneywise Plus Project was designed in 2016 consideration was given to aligning roles from the previous Get Moneywise Project within the new budget available. There was a sense of a need for continuity. However, the Get Moneywise Plus programme was considerably different in terms of the expectations and demands, and the inherited terms and conditions have proven inappropriate in terms of the salary of frontline delivery posts. ERS has supported this process and this report summarises the progress made. Below is the document on Moneywise Plus Job evaluation Report.