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Leicester Limericks (With LAP)

by Jul 31, 2019RP Projects Archive

Thanks to our creative partners we now have a lovely limerick to promote Leicester and get everyone thinking. How about adding your own verse? To take this work forward over the summer look out for 2 further days with different consultants were we will be developing and refining a system change model to bring about the key changes identified for the future.

Limericks highlighting all the great stuff about Leicester – invitation for Leicester people and groups to write their own!

The Leicester Limerick has been part of the LAP work.. You are very welcome to use it. All that is asked for is a reference to Hero Project or a link to the YouTube channel.
We had thought it may be a good publicity tool, shared with local media and a Facebook page for people to submit their own additional verses or other creative responses to what is Leicester about.

There is now a Facebook page which Deena Wildgoose has set up and is the best place to share the video and look for people to feedback and contribute opinions.

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