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Leicester Community Radio – Community and Mutual Aid Updates


The aim of the Covid-19 Licence is to provide a supplementary broadcast radio service to the city of
Leicester. The service is carried on both 107.5FM and 1449AM/MW and online at The service is only provided in English and is aimed at thirty-five to sixty-five-year olds, with
at least ten hours of programming relevant to the Afro Caribbean community. Music is predominantly non-chart. The format of the station has been designated by Ofcom to provide:
• Editorial programmes containing information regarding mental health, domestic abuse, financial difficulties and/or other such relevant topics that relate to the COVID19 situation.
• An uplifting service sympathetic to listeners in lockdown and otherwise distressed by the
COVID19 situation that serves to enhance morale, mental wellbeing and mood.
• Providing local residents with information, entertainment and activities to undertake to enhance mental wellbeing of listeners and thereby try to prevent crime and disorder.
• The service shall contain current news items that will give isolated listeners a perspective of
events, activities and newsworthy items that are occurring in the service area.
Leicester Community Radio is run entirely by volunteers. The service also can’t run advertising or
Information ‘What’s Happening’
The station is aiming to provide a platform for Leicester-based community, civic, mutual aid and
public authorities to share updates and information as part of a general mix of music and talk based
programmes. This can be done in two ways. The station already has a ‘What’s Happening’ service,
where designated groups can record a short message of around thirty-seconds to one minute duration, which is then included in the automated playout system to be included with other notices twice
per hour. This is the same system that is being used by the police and health authorities to convey
short messages, but will be played out separately. Recordings can be made and uploaded from a
phone or via a PC.

COVID-19 Emergency Broadcast Service
Each Organisation will be allocated a its own username and a password which will allow them to record direct messages. Guidance about the format and style of message will be available when organisations and groups sign-up to use the system.
The station is also aiming to provide a slightly longer set of on-air stories that are provided by Leicester-based community, civic, mutual aid and public authorities which focus on positive support, help,
advice and inspirational ideas for practical adaptation to social distancing. These feature items can
last up to six minutes, and can be used more creatively to share first-hand accounts and testimony of
examples of mutual aid and support by social partners in the city. This service will use the same system as the updates process, but will be designated to a separate part of the playout system and will
be rotated four times through the day. Only designated users with a username and password will be
able to log-in to record and upload a story, which will then be checked prior to being uploaded in the
Editorial Content
LCR also wants to facilitate interviews and discussions in different ways depending on each programmes format, so we are looking at starting a database of contacts and key sources of news and
stories to facilitate programme teams and avoid duplication.
Information Updates
LCR is looking to provide a regular updates and briefings of what’s happening in regard to services
provided by Leicester-based community, civic, mutual aid and public authorities. Using the email to subscribe to mail lists, to provide a central points for groups to contact the station, and as a point of contact for regular updates from the station.
Call to Action
We need help from Leicester-based community, civic, mutual aid and public authorities to:
• Sign-up and use the messaging services.
• Communicate and advocate on behalf of LCR with groups that this is a trusted and valuable
• Voluntary support and funding to manage additional transmission resources.
• Voluntary support and funding to manage additional volunteer engagement.
• Voluntary support and funding to manage additional administration and management resources.
• Voluntary support and funding to manage additional training resources.
• Voluntary support and funding to manage additional programming resources.