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Leadership Project – Introduction

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Reaching People’s aim is to have some leadership training at every level for people in Leicester and Leicestershire.

To enable a resilient, collaborative social sector and empower local leaders to strengthen communities, Clore Social Leadership and Reaching People have joined forces to design a place-based leadership development programme for Leicester and Leicestershire’s social leaders. Social leaders–trustees, CEOs, managers and community leaders working in the voluntary and community sector-are the lifeblood of their communities. They do incredible work under immense pressure, as they are increasingly asked to do more with fewer resources. But at their best, they are powerful advocates, compassionate service providers and courageous change makers. Our job is to make them the best that they can be.

With support from the NLCF, over the course of 2019 and 2020 Clore Social and Reaching People will deliver a leadership development programme to build their confidence and skills. Clore Social’s decade-long track record of delivering transformational leadership programmes combined with Reaching People’s local knowledge and expertise will ensure the programme is designed to meet the needs of local leaders. The programme is being developed in close collaboration with local stakeholders to make sure that it tackles the diversity, challenges and opportunities specific to Leicester. It will offer a range of support, from individual learning activities and coaching to a mentoring programme, action learning sets and group challenge projects.

Using our unique place-based model, the programme will reinvigorate a culture of collaborative leadership, building a strong sense of place identity. Place-based programmes allow us to work with a local but diverse group to build a culture of supportive social leadership. This approach also means we can design the programme with local leaders in mind.

The place-based model was first piloted in Hull and East Yorkshire, where in 2018 Clore Social ran HEY100 for local social leaders. HEY100 worked across traditional silos and brought together leaders from social and cultural organisations. The goal was to develop a pipeline of leaders who could maximise local opportunities whilst effectively navigating their organisations through the challenges of working in Hull’s voluntary and cultural sectors; and using a place-based approach allowed the programme’s impact to go beyond self-development, enabling participants to cascade leadership to the community as a whole. As one local associate put it, ‘HEY100 has created a confidence in the social sector that I’ve not seen before. Some of the people who took part were already skilled, but HEY100 gave them the confidence to use those skills more effectively.’

We are currently building our networks, seeking support and endorsement for this programme. If you can help, or would like to know more, please get in touch.