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LCC are having some informal discussions to explore the possible reasons behind the rise in positive cases of coronavirus across the city in recent weeks. They would be grateful if you could send this to your networks and encourage their participation.

LCC will be running some short online focus groups that will explore the issues in more detail over the course of the next couple of weeks. Listening to people’s views and feelings about coronavirus from within communities will help us better understand the issues, inform local action and help us support local communities to work in partnership with us to try and bring cases down. This research will also explore what might be driving a rise in positive cases locally and we will use this information alongside other data and intelligence sources to help shape our responses going forwards.

LCC have examined the data and has seen that there is a high number of positive cases in the 20-44 age group; this is why they are focusing our engagement work on this particular age group. If you or your colleagues and contacts are aged between 20-44 and live in Leicester and would like to share your views about coronavirus in the City the LCC would welcome your interest and ask that you please consider registering using this form