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While we will focus on the proposal we will also look at our coronavirus offer to the public sector through RP membership and the recent fund launched by the DWP for the Universal credit transition fund. ( closing date 31st March).

Some ideas for local action coming from LATs work include

  • telephone trees, ‘Skype’ groups, penpal-type arrangements, emails suggesting activities which could be shared – see our own chairs early response to this below.
  • Continuous mapping of support available, to enable us to direct people supporting others to add their support and work together
  • to ensure potential new volunteers ( including re-deployed staff) have clear info re the virus to share as required, provide friendly phone support, can undertake shopping, pick up prescriptions etc using national best practice to address safeguarding, DBS and money handling issues.
  • Contact current and previous service users who may be in need of support and act as a referral point for other agencies and individuals looking for support, utilising staff or volunteers (subject to resolving confidentiality issues)