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Commitment to lasting change

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Leicester Stories held their final community reporters sessions in August, and rounded off our summer of activities with a podcast discussion about what they’ve learnt, and why we think community media is essential for a stronger sense of civic identity and belonging here in Leicester.

You can listen to the podcast on the Decentered Media website, where you can find the subscription details for past and upcoming episodes. Thanks to Ryan and Roy for sharing their insight and sense of what they have learnt from participating in the drop-in sessions over the summer.

Thanks also to everyone who attended one of the drop-in sessions – the conversations were stimulating and positive.

It’s been fascinating to chat with people and learn about their concerns about what it means to build back better after the Covid-19 pandemic. These conversations are being turned into a set of radio programmes, which you will be able to hear from mid-September on Kohinor Radio, Radio Seerah and Leicester Community Radio.

I’ve become more convinced that we need to accelerate change here in Leicester in a way that includes more people in creative and innovative ways, to contribute to the discussion of what building back better will mean in practice.

We have some powerful communications tools at our disposal, but if all we do is keep thinking that all we need to do is push messages out to people, and we don’t engage people in meaningful and creative ways, then we won’t see lasting change.

Keep in mind that the challenge of the climate crisis calls for ‘total systems change at all levels of society’, which must include how and why we use media as a tool for positive social change.

This system reset must include our media, which is why we need to invest in citizen-focused news and media that is representative of the life and culture of the people who are resident and who work in Leicester.

Please keep looking out for new content and updates on the Leicester Stories website.

Leicester Stories is supported by funding from the Audio Content Fund, and is being developed with assistance from De Montfort University, the Documentary Media Centre and Zinthiya Trust. If you need more information about the project, and it’s aims, please do get in contact.