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Alongside our own member organisations working at home arrangements and business continuity other points for collaborative consideration might be –

  1. Maintaining services for vulnerable clients and how we support each other in the RP network
  2. Community centres as emergency food distribution centres – particularly reflecting on the potential situation of children missing free school meals, elderly isolated adults and homeless people. (Cafes, kitchens to cook fresh food for distribution)
  3. The coordination and safeguarding needed to mobilise staff and volunteers to help provide key services and our potential skills, experience and role in this. The fact that we can often in the VCSE sector move more quickly
  4. Potential key training for new volunteers. (to replace older volunteers and from staff who are losing work due to the change in circumstances) (Safe Guarding)
  5. The potential longer term impact on people we support and our services as a result of the economic crisis – higher unemployment and people who had previously not needed benefits/foodbanks now needing to register on UC to claim sick pay or use foodbanks for the first time due to lack of income.
  6. The need for delivery and distribution drivers and IT and phone support for people who are in isolation.
  7. Pressure on social care, as well as health services.
  8. The impact on mental health for all, including staff and volunteers.

Please do communicate with each other to share practice and let us know if there are any gaps in services or what you think about staff working differently to help maintain service to people in need.