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Reaching People

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Updates on what is happening within the Reaching People Consortium:

Many thanks to everyone who has been sharing updated policies and practice. Risk assessment grids of various kinds seem to be in use and many organisations now operating partial working from home if not all. Some beginning to look at potential re-deployment of staff to community support in relation to new demands and to respond to need.

Also some need to prepare for the expected rise in demand for services as the economic situation grips and companies begin making staff redundant/ income for zero hours and self- employed people dries up – some of our services will be in more demand and possibly shorted supply – for example food in food banks and advice about income and benefits. We understand the County Council is keeping libraries open but temporarily closing activities. We have not yet heard from the City Council.

The Lottery, one of our major funders, has indicated it will move grant application deadlines and also be flexible in reporting periods.