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BSBT- Sharing Bread+ – WORKSHOP

by Oct 8, 2019RP Projects

A free workshop for organisations who wish to take part, whereby RP pay for kitchen hire, bring all the equipment, trainers and training resources needed. All your organisation needs to do is commit 4 hours per session with 2/3 staff and complete 3 workshops in total.

To summarise the project: This workshop involves making bread and discussing how to challenge behaviour and stigma in society today. 2 RP trainers will attend all sessions, first session to train and following 2 to support.

Each workshop is 4 hours long with 6 people in total (excluding trainers) (2/3 staff from each organisation)
£50 paid for kitchen and items and training resources given for training. Travel expenses paid too. (we can help arrange a kitchen for you if required & 1 staff can apply for food & hygiene training) Certificates given.
Each organisation must complete 2 more sessions within there organisation, after the initial one. Therefore 4 hours = 1 training workshop and 2 x 4 hour delivery workshops – total 3 workshops for 12 hours.

Availability for October:
Mondays (pm)
Thursdays all day
Saturday (11am ish)

Availability for Nov:
Thursdays & Saturdays

Please email (subject: Bread Project) asap if you would like to take part? The skills would then be transferable to pass on to as many people as they like. It is an excellent opportunity to help change thinking and create positive environments. The project completion target is November 2019.

This also supports the police – (NHCA) National Hate Crime Awareness Week 12-14 October 2019.

RP’s first workshop with trainer Anita & Michelle at the Emerald Centre, lot’s of discussion, skills gained, and mostly very enjoyable with positive feedback.

(credit to Ursula Kelly:

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