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Home Mindfulness

Our Chair, Gaynor Quilter, has been busy at home developing some support for all in the form of free resources for a “home retreat“ to help support all those who want to use this time to build a mindfulness practice. Free resources for a “Home retreat” are at...
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DWP Information

DWP have informed us of the following – 1. Job centres open but no providers – Leicester Job centres are no longer letting other providers into their job Centres. 2. Provided confirmation that there is no sanctioning if clients cannot attend work clubs...
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DWP Universal Credit transition fund

While we will focus on the proposal we will also look at our coronavirus offer to the public sector through RP membership and the recent fund launched by the DWP for the Universal credit transition fund. ( closing date 31st March). Some ideas for local action coming...
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Losing Control Network

As well as the covid -19 mutual aid – growing rapidly you might also want to check out or join the Losing Control Network. There is a growing bank of on-line support being collated.
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Volunteer Groups for COVID-19

Over 400 volunteer groups set up to help people affected by Covid-19 News Members responses will very much relate to their work, their working environments their client group and staff/volunteer profiles and needs. Some actions are coming through so Leicester college...
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